God Is The Greatest, The Ban On The Call To Prayer In Germany Was Lifted in 2018 Because Of The Christian Couple


The ban on the call to prayer was imposed after a Christian couple complained that the call to prayer interfered with their religious freedom, but the court ruled that the call to prayer did not violate any of the rights of those who heard it. A court in the West German city of Monster has ruled that a local mosque is allowed to call for Friday prayers. The court made the decision following an appeal by the town administration of O’Hare Kinshuk seeking a revocation of a previous ban on the mosque’s call to prayer. “Every society must recognize that people should know how followers of other religions practice their beliefs,” the judge said in his ruling. It should be noted that in 2018, a local court in Germany banned the call to prayer in the mosque for Friday prayers following a complaint by a local Christian couple living near the mosque. The couple lived about a kilometer from the mosque. He had said in his complaint that the call to prayer given by the muezzin of the mosque on a loudspeaker on Friday was against his Christian beliefs and religious freedom. Some of the walls of this mosque are made of glass. The mosque compound can be accessed by external steps. Its design is seen as a symbol of openness, where all religions are welcomed. The mosque has two minarets, which are 55 meters high. The dome of the mosque is made of glass, in which concrete has also been used. From a distance, the mosque looks like a blossoming flower. Monster’s court found that part of the Freedom of Religion Act was interpreted negatively as religious freedom, while those of other religions They do not give the right to interfere, but they do provide protection against being forced to participate in religious affairs against their will. The Christian couple’s lawyer, who filed the petition against the call to prayer, argued that his complaint was not about the noise caused by the call to prayer but about the words used in the call to prayer. Petitioner’s counsel stated in his statement, “The call to prayer cannot be compared to the ringing of a bell in a church. In the call to prayer of the muezzin, beliefs are expressed through words, by which the hearer of the call to prayer is compelled to participate in the prayers. The Masjid al-Haram in Mecca is considered one of the most important mosques in the Islamic world. Built on 350,000 square meters, it is also the largest mosque in the world. The mosque was built in the 16th century and has nine minarets. The Kaaba is in the center of this mosque. The building has been expanded several times over time and today can accommodate one million people at a time. It should be noted that in the adhan given for prayers, the phrases “Hai Ali As-Salawah” and “Hai Ali Al-Falah” ie “Come to the prayer and come to success” are also recited. The call to prayer was allowed for two minutes at a time. The mosque is managed by an organization called DITIB, which is the largest organization managing 900 mosques in Germany. Its imams are educated and the expenses are borne by the Turkish government. However, the organization is also under the scrutiny of Germany’s internal intelligence agency. The local administrative court, which revoked the permission to call to prayer in the mosque, had ruled in 2018 that the local authorities should not allow the call to prayer on loudspeakers in accordance with the rules and regulations. Consultations were also needed on whether to be acceptable. Authorities only cared about how loud the loudspeaker sounded. The local court, however, did not agree with the Christian couple’s position that the call to prayer was against their religious freedom.


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