Great News For Unemployed Skilled Pakistanis, Pakistan Decides Send 100,000 Skilled Workers To Kuwait


Good news for unemployed skilled Pakistanis, Pakistan decides to send 100,000 skilled people to Kuwait. Earlier, Kuwait agreed to recruit about 450 Pakistanis to work in the medical field. According to the details, there is great news for unemployed skilled Pakistanis, according to which the Pakistani authorities have decided to send 100,000 skilled Pakistanis to Kuwait for employment. According to a Gulf News report, in an effort to increase remittances, the Minister for Overseas Pakistanis and Development and Human Resources has announced that Pakistan is planning to send 100,000 skilled workers to Kuwait. Gulf News quoted Pakistan’s APP news agency as saying that according to a senior ministry official, a formal request has been sent to the relevant authorities in Kuwait and a response is awaited. The officer added that Pakistan has a strong workforce capable of working in various fields, so increasing remittances will create employment opportunities in different countries. He also said that the Pakistani government has stepped up efforts to sign a memorandum of understanding with Kuwait to increase the number of Pakistani workers in Kuwait. Although the MoU has not yet been finalized, Kuwait has agreed to recruit 444 Pakistanis to work in the medical field as doctors, paramedics and nurses.


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