How Do Honey Bees Talk?


If you see bees in a garden or any other place, many questions may come to your mind when you see them. The first question may be, “How will the bees talk to each other?”

Bee’s way of communicating “Weigel Dance”:
They have a specific dance style, with which they talk to each other. While working on the hive, these bees seem to be busy with their work, but at the same time, the process of communication between them continues. Stays Their way of talking is based on dance, which is known as “waggle dance”. Whenever you see bees gathered in another group and they are going up and down, sometimes coming and sometimes going, even during this hustle and bustle they are doing wagle dance. The process of their messaging continues in the same way.

How to find tasty flowers?
Whenever a bee finds a flower that tastes best while looking for a flower in a garden, she immediately goes and tells the other bees about it through a wiggle dance. This flower is surrounded by bees in its group, which together suck the juice of this tasty flower. Many messages come together through a wagle dance, but it is never forgotten, all the messages are heard by the bees, if they are seen working on a hive in one place and several bees At the moment, both their work and conversation are going on.

The bee dances to indicate the location of the flower. During this dance, she makes 8 consecutive digits. Through the angles formed in these digits, she determines the correct direction of food by defining the line between the sun and the hive. Yes, she explains the distance to the food at the same time, like if the flower is at a distance of 250 meters, it moves its lower body five times in half a minute.

It may take time for the bees to suck the sap of the flowers and fetch food, because by the time they return, the sun has moved from its place, as the sun moves one degree after every charm. Thus, if it takes 4 minutes for the bee to reach the hive, then the direction of the stated degree may change and it may reach the wrong place, but this does not happen. Because their eyes are so sharp that they observe the change in radiation at the specified place or on reaching their destination, they collect, subtract it at the specified distance and correct their direction, so that they never go in the wrong direction. The bees do not have to go. Allah Almighty has given the bees the ability to make no mistake in determining the right direction of their destination. It leaves a fragrant substance on the flower, after which the bees come to understand that the flower has run out of juice and they go out in search of another flower. The process of feeding also continues.

Bees have a special ability to give instructions to other bees up to 6 km away. It is more noticeable at a time when two people are working separately at a distance of 6 km, during which time they continue to give instructions to each other. In this way, the two work together and their time for communication. There is no wastage in coming and going.

Importance of bees:
These bees provide us with many benefits. However, you may not be aware that bees play an important role in growing many of the foods we eat. Yes! When bees move from one place to another to suck the sap of flowers, the process of pollination is going on with its help. It is said that 70% of the world’s 124 different crops are grown by bees because they carry pollen grains from flowers, plants and other crops from one place to another. Flowers, plants as well as crops begin to grow. However, bees are now being harmed by changes in agriculture and the environment, as the lives of bees are also endangered due to various chemicals and pesticides. This concern has been expressed in many studies.


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