Indian Actress Converts To Islam


The certificate bears the signature of Sanjana Gulrani and the names, addresses, signatures and phone numbers of two witnesses Imtiaz and Aslam Pasha.

According to media reports, Maulana Zainul Abidin, the superintendent of Shah Waliullah Madrassa, said that the Madrassa had issued the certificate on the basis of the affidavit brought by Sanjana Gulrani in the court regarding her conversion.
Maulana Zain-ul-Abidin said that whoever approaches a madrassa for accepting Islam, a court certificate is issued, proselytizing is carried out in accordance with the law, this process has been going on for many years under the madrassa Shah Waliullah. to be continued.

Sanjana Gulrani is a film actress, were you aware of that? To this question, Maulana Zain-ul-Abidin said that he was not aware of the background of Sanjana Gulrani. Maulana said that whether it was Sanjana or anyone else who submitted an affidavit from the court, a certificate of acceptance of Islam would be given on that basis. Is.

Archana Manohar Gulrani alias Sanjana has said in her affidavit that she has been hearing and seeing many things about the religion of Islam for the last 10 years. Propaganda aroused their curiosity to know Islam, after which they tried to know Islam.

Studied the material on Islam, discussed the religion with those who follow Islam. She was influenced by the principles of Islam.

“I think the principles of Islam are true and I believe in them,” Sanjana added in the affidavit. I love the religion of Islam, which needs to be followed and practiced in order to achieve the purpose of life.

Archana Gulrani said that she had converted to Islam on October 1, 2018 in the presence of qualified persons, family members and witnesses. Archana has also said that she has converted to Islam of her own free will without any external pressure and has adopted the Muslim name of Mahra.

Film actress Sanjana Gulrani has been found guilty in the two drug cases, which have been uncovered by the CCB. A few other accused, including Sanjana Gulrani and another Kannada actress Ragini Deodi, are in judicial custody these days. Bangalore’s Central Crime Branch police are investigating the high-profile case. Meanwhile, the news of Sanjana Gulrani’s conversion to Islam in 2018 has sparked a debate in the film and political circles of the state.


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