IOK Reels Under Brutal Depression

IOK Reels Under Brutal Lockdown

Kashmiri and German human rights activists called on the world not to ignore the abusses committed in Occupied Kashmir by the Indian Forces.

KARL-Christian Hausmann of UPF, Patricia Associated with the German Human Rights Organization, Dr. Ishaq and Zafar Qureshi of London and EU Chairman of the Kashmir Council, Ali Raza Syed, spoke at the conference “The Alarming Humanitarian Crisis in Kashmir” on the occasion of the UN International Day for Tolerance in Stuttgart.

Speaking to the conference, Hausmann said after listening to the Kashmiri Diaspora, Patricia promised to do their utmost to make people aware of doing wrong in Kashmir.

Riffat Wani said, “Jammu and Kashmir have been cut off from the rest of the world, including India, for the past three months.

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There is a full Lockdown, Press laugh, and it blocks all communication system.

“Today is 105th day since the oppressed Kashmiris in Occupied Kashmir have lost their most fundamental freedoms, fundamental human rights and civil liberties.

We live in harsh conditions without even the most fundamental and inalienable rights, such as the right to life, the right to education and health care, the right to move, the right to practice their religion, or even the right to dignify their loved ones.


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