Kuwait Girl Arrested For Dancing In The Street


According to police, the girl was arrested after receiving information from the drivers that she was intoxicated.

A Kuwaiti girl has been arrested on charges of indecent exposure and dancing on the street. The girl was arrested after police were informed that a girl was doing embarrassing things on the road. According to Urdu News, the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry has said that a girl involved in immoral activities has been arrested.

In a statement, the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry said that the video of the arrested girl was viral on social media in which she was seen committing immoral acts. In the viral video on social media, the girl was seen under the influence of alcohol or drugs. She got out of a white car on a Kuwaiti street and was dancing aimlessly. The Kuwaiti Interior Ministry released a picture of the car and the girl’s face without revealing it on its Twitter account.
The girl was detained by patrols on the Gulf Arab Street for violating social etiquette. The Kuwaiti Interior Ministry said in a statement that police had received a report about the girl, who was said to be from the Arabian Gulf. Acting against social etiquette on a street signal. A Kuwaiti Interior Ministry said in a statement that the girl had been handed over to the Al-Ramisi police station for legal action. The ministry did not provide further details. The video of this incident has also gone viral on social media in which the girl has been shown doing very naughty things.


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