Lawyers go on strike & demand To release arrested in PIC riot case

Pakistan Lawyers

Country-wide lawyers boycott courts to protest the arrest and registration of cases against those lawyers involved in the Punjab Cardiology Institute (PIC) riot.

At the call of the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC), lawyers across the country went on a strike and refused to appear before the court due to the interruption of more than two thousand cases.

A full strike was also staged by lawyers in Gujranwala, Pakpattan, Pir Mahal, Kallurkot, Nankana Sahib and Vehari. People who came from far-off areas faced serious difficulties as the lawyers refused to fight their cases, resulting in the trials being postponed.

Bahawalnagar, Faisalabad and Zafarwal were also witnesses to the strike of lawyers. KP lawyers have expressed solidarity with lawyers from Lahore, while lawyers in Karak have strongly condemned the behavior of the police.

Legal practitioners in different cities like Hyderabad and Larkana have protested against the PIC incident filing lawsuits. Lawyers stayed on strike for the second consecutive day in Balochistan’s Chagai district and did not appear in court.

Meanwhile, a press conference of the leaders of the Lawyers ‘ Joint Action Committee was held in the Lahore Supreme Court Registry. Senior advocate leaders called the PIC incident a national tragedy and called for a judicial investigation. He also called for the release of the arrested lawyers.

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Hamid Khan called the incident a conspiracy and said that blaming only lawyers is not appropriate. He claimed the matter began with the violence on lawyers by doctors and paramedics, and it all increased because of negligence. He also raised questions about the performance of the government on the subject.

He raised various questions asking: “Who is responsible for delay in filing the lawyer’s FIR?

“Who sabotaged the negotiations between lawyers and doctors?

Who is involved behind the viral video of doctors?”

He expressed his fear that some forces would like to bring dictatorship to the country and weaken lawyers. Advocate leader Hamid Khan apologized to the deceased patients ‘ relatives.


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