PM Imran dissuades govt spokespersons from commenting on CJP’s remarks

Imran Khan & CJP Khosa
Imran Khan & CJP Khosa

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday stopped government spokespersons from commenting on Chief Justice Khosa’s remarks in which he urged the prime minister not to taunt the judiciary.

meeting of government spokespersons was chaired by the prime minister. Sources claimed government representatives were dissuaded by the prime minister from commenting on the remarks made earlier during the day by the chief justice.

“The government decided to send Nawaz Sharif abroad on humanitarian grounds and after consulting doctors’ reports,” Prime Minister Imran was quoted by sources as saying.

Prime Minister Imran also reportedly said that people were watching Nawaz’s activities in London. He said that the PTI would still not do politics over Nawaz’s health.

During the meeting, the foreign funding case also came under discussion. The premier reportedly told participants of the meeting not to worry about the case.

“No need to worry about the foreign funding case. PTI’s audit reports are there for all to see,” he was quoted as saying.

According to sources, the prime minister said that opposition parties were using the foreign funding case to keep their politics alive and build a narrative against the PTI.

He said that opposition parties were worried as Pakistan’s economy was improving.

“Opposition parties know that once the economy improves, their political careers are over,” he said.

CJP Khosa’s remarks:

Referring to former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s foreign travel on medical grounds, Chief Justice of Pakistan Asif Saeed Khosa said on Wednesday that Prime Minister Imran Khan himself agreed for ‘someone’ to travel abroad, so it should not be said that the judiciary was the sole authority in the matter.

A day ago, the prime minister had said in an indirect reference to Nawaz’s travel to London that there are separate laws for the weak and powerful in the country, requesting the CJP to deliver prompt justice.

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While addressing a ceremony in Islamabad, the Chief justice said that the prime minister should not refer to the judiciary as powerful.

“Don’t give us this taunt referring to ‘the powerful’. Nobody is powerful before us [the judiciary] other than the law itself.”

The CJP said that the prime minister should refrain from issuing such statements as he is the chief executive of the government.

“The particular case that the respected prime minister referred to, I do not want to comment on that. But he [PM Imran] should know that they themselves allowed somebody [Nawaz Sharif] to go abroad. The debate in the High Court was only over modalities. Please be careful (with statements).”



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