PTI, Coalition Parties Repose Confidence In Govt, PM

PTI, Coalition Parties Repose Confidence In Govt, PM

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and its coalition parties in the parliament unanimously adopted a resolution reposing confidence in incumbent government and Prime Minister Imran Khan and their performance.

The resolution was adopted in the meeting of the parliamentary party chaired by the Prime Minister.

Reposing full trust in the Prime Minister and the current government the parliamentarians viewed that the reforms being made by the government would prove to be a milestone in the country’s development.

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They resolved to continue playing their vibrant role to keep the parliament functional in accordance with the democratic values.

The parliamentary party viewed that the negotiation committee formed by the government had played a crucial role during the ongoing protest by the opposition parties and expressed their satisfaction on their performance.

The parliamentarians assured their full support to the government and the Prime Minister in their efforts to tackle the economic, diplomatic, administrative and other challenges confronting the country.

They unanimously reiterated their resolve to play their part to develop Pakistan as an Islamic Welfare State on the Model of the State of Madina as per the Prime Ministers vision.



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