Real feminists don’t waste time shouting for their rights: Quratulain Baloch


Recently, the existence of criticism attracted by the Aurat March is precisely why such a campaign is required. Although the nation has a fair share of women-centered problems like rape, abuse, honor killing, and slut-shamming, women marching to highlight them for some reason has become a cause of public concern.

Suffice to say, women continue to be victimised while their march against atrocity continues to be looked upon as an act of entitlement, rather than a need.

While the men continue their restless bashing of the movement, perhaps because of the fear that their privilege may be compromised, what a surprise are the supposedly educated women who join the crusade against xenophobia.

That’s the case with Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch, popularly referred to as’ QB,’ who became the symbol of every girl when she first appeared on Coke Studio, among the many men who already given the forum. Balouch said in a recent and tragic tweet that “real feminist is getting down to work and wasting no time screaming for her ‘ rights.'”

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It is clear that the statement comes from a person who has been provided a platform to showcase his work. It’s coming from someone who worked hard, but doesn’t understand why others couldn’t–even if they wanted to. It comes from a person who was probably even’ allowed’ to work in the first place, or who could fight for his right to work without threatening to be killed in the process.

In a country where girls are being kept back from going to school because their parents should’ only allow the boys to be sent.’ In a country where women are killed for failing to make gol roti or having a hot meal once in a while. In a country where no matter how hard they work, women are not paid as much as their male colleagues.

In a country where women are slammed for doing work that’ only a man is supposed to do.’ In a country where women are harassed in places of work, it is called upon to provide sexual favors in turn for promotions. Or even provided jobs on the basis of their appearance. In a country where parents would prefer to spend millions on their daughter’s weddings instead of saving for higher education – how does one simply belittle them for marching for their right once in a year?


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