Skip The Expensive Power Banks – Learn How To Make The Phone’s Battery Last Longer


Zero smartphone battery is no less than a nightmare to us, while finding a socket to charge the smartphone anywhere is also a test. If you want your phone’s battery to last longer, be sure to read this, and by trying these methods you can get rid of your smartphone’s battery running out quickly. Hamilton, director of customer service at a leading mobile company, says that if you want your smartphone’s battery to be durable and not run out quickly, always charge it to 85%. He said that never let the battery of the phone run out completely, but as soon as the battery of the smartphone is 25%, put it on charge immediately, but as soon as it is 85% charged, take it out of the socket. “Many of us make the mistake of charging the phone’s battery to 100 percent,” he said. Hamilton, Director of Customer Service, added that for a durable phone battery, never leave the phone on charge as most users do not remove the mobile from charging even after 100% charging, which is detrimental to the phone’s battery. Proven. In addition, to protect the phone’s battery, always keep the ‘brightness’ of the screen light, by taking care of these things, users can use their phone’s battery safely and for a long time.


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