Some Important Facts And Predictions About Drama Mere Pass Tum Ho

Mere Pas Tum Ho Drama

When Mere Pass Tum Ho began, some of the spectators were quite sure it would be a predictable play. The main plot of the cheating wife, who was attracted to a richer man, was certainly not new. Thus, the viewers ‘ predictions were in line with all the dramas that had already been broadcast on television. As the story progressed, the viewers were gradually surprised one after the other. All their predictions about Mere Pass Tum Ho were proven wrong with shocking twists and turns.

Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar’s scripts are never easy to predict, he likes to shock his viewers. Just when the viewers thought they had Mere Pass Tum Ho’s twists and turns all figured out, they witnessed scenarios which they never imagined were possible. Danish giving in to his wife’s wishes and letting her go with Shehwar was one such scenario. Another scenario was the change in Mehwish’s attitude. The way she literally planned her escape while she lived with her husband and then left her child for months was not expected. Similarly, Mateen sahib’s death and everything attached to it were new scenarios too. The recent slap was another unexpected development.

Although Mere Pass Tum Ho on the whole has been unpredictable but whoever has watched Khalil-ur-Rehman’s plays and has been watching all the interviews of the cast member can make a few guesses. There are a lot of interesting things which will surely be happening in the upcoming weeks.

Here are Some interesting predictions about drama Mere Pass Tum Ho.

  • Who will be murdered?

In one of his interviews, Humayun Saeed hinted that there was going to be a murder in the drama. Also, Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar kills his characters in the most shocking way. Two of his main characters died after eating poison in Bunty I Love You, Pyare Afzal’s hero was killed in the end and there was also a tragic death in Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hei recently with the heroine committing suicide in the end.

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So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that somebody will be killed in this drama too, and it will be a murder this time around. Now, the question is, who’s it going to be? Is that Anoushey, a friend of Mehwish’s? Well, that’s highly unlikely because she was, after all, a side character, and Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar doesn’t kill side characters because she just doesn’t have that impact.!Our guess is that it’s going to be Shehwar since killing Danish is going to be totally wrong and too predictable. Who’s going to kill Shehwar? Could it be his own wife after finding out what he was up to or one of the rivals?

  • Who was the woman Mateen Sb Betrayed?

Our prediction is that the mother of Mehwish was cheated on by the woman Mateen sahib. That must be a reason why the family of Mehwish was out of the picture. The writer of Mere Pass Tum Ho has a surprise in store and this might be the great revelation. There’s definitely a connection.. In our opinion Mateen sb’s story hasn’t ended yet. That diary his daughter Hania was talking about will reveal more secrets as the story progresses. We are also wondering if it’s possible that she is still alive and Marina Khan will be playing that character.

  • Will Hania and Danish get married?

We don’t think they’re going to get married. This story is essentially about Danish and Mehwish, the character of Hania is likely to be the driving force in Danish life, but at no point will she be his wife.

What do you think is going to happen next in Mere Pass Tum Ho? What do you want should happen? Who do you think is going to get murdered? Do share your views and opinions.

  • Where is Anoushey

Anoushey’s friend of Mehwish was out of the picture. Many people ask why she’s no longer there. The reason might be that she knows Shehwar secrets that are not to be revealed for now. Once Mehwish needs to know these secrets, she will be back.

  • Shehwar’s wife will change everything

Once Shehwar’s wife is back, Shehwar’s going to leave Mehwish. That’s going to hit Mehwish hard since she left her husband to Shehwar, but he won’t be willing to lose his wife for her. This is going to happen after the business starts going downhill.

  • Mehwish will go back to Danish

Mehwish would return to Danish at some point and there will also be a time when viewers will feel he might consider taking her back. Will it be after the assassination of Shehwar? or because Shehwar’s wife comes back? We’re also waiting to find out.




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