Terrible End of Twin Brothers Falling In Love With The Same Girl


Abdur Rehman, taking advantage of his appearance, continued to meet his brother’s girlfriend. He had also had an illicit affair.

The twin brothers fell in love with the same girl. In love, the blind brother killed the twin brother. According to the details, a tragic incident has taken place in Sargodha where the brother killed his own brother. Both were twin brothers and liked the same girl. The same brother fell in love with the same girlfriend.
When the other brother could not bear this, he planned to kill his brother. The accused confessed to the murder three months later. The incident took place in Dera Barewala area on the outskirts of Sargodha where only one girl Falling in love with his brother, he killed his own twin brother in the fire of competition.
According to the police, Ramzan, who is in love with a girl, lost his temper when he found out that his brother was also in love with the girl he loves.

He shot and killed his brother Abdul Rehman with a pistol while he was asleep. The twin brothers were one minute apart. Police say that the murder of Abdul Rehman which took place three months ago took place when Jhal Chhakian police station. Initially, the police did not find any clues. However, while gathering evidence with the help of modern technology, when the police arrested Ramzan, he confessed to the crime.
However, it has also been reported that Abdur Rehman, taking advantage of being similar, continued to meet his brother’s girlfriend and had also established illicit relations. On the other hand, both the accused father and son involved in the double murder case of mother and daughter were arrested at Mouza Haveli Chirag in Jorakalan area of ​​Sargodha region. And rewarded. According to police, Tehseen Javed along with his father Javed Akhtar shot dead his fiance Madiha Gul and her mother Yasmeen Akhtar in Jorakalan area of ​​the region and escaped.


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