Why Did Actress Kajol Decide To Separate From Ajay Devgan? The Reason Has Come To Light


Kajol and Ajay Devgn, the most popular couple in the Indian film industry, have decided to separate. Kajol is going to Singapore with her daughter Nyasa while Ajay Devgn will be staying in India with his son Yag.

According to Indian media reports, due to the corona virus, which has become a symbol of fear all over the world, actress Kajol does not want to send her only daughter Nyasa to Singapore alone, so she has decided to go to Singapore with Nyasa herself.

Ajay Devgn and Kajol’s daughter Nyasa studies in Singapore and resides there but she has come to India nowadays. Due to the corona virus, Kajol and Ajay are worried about how their daughter will be left alone there.

Kajol and Ajay do not want any impact on Nyasa’s studies so now Kajol will stay in Singapore with Nyasa.

According to Indian media, Nyasa is studying at the United World College of Southeast Asia in Singapore. In 2018, Ajay Devgn also bought an apartment in Singapore so that Nyasa would have no problem living there. Kajol will move into the same flat with her daughter and Ajay Devgn will stay in Mumbai with his son Yag.


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