Women Must Follow These 5 Ways To keep Themselves Safe When Leaving Home And keep Themselves Safe


With each passing day, the situation and incidents and accidents have created an atmosphere of fear for the people living in the society, while it has become impossible for women and girls to get out of the house.

As soon as you step out of the house, it seems that nothing will happen. The dirty sheep of the society do not look at them with any kind of wrong eye. God willing, do not do anything wrong because the fear of honor has increased too much. The woman / girl / child is no longer safe.
It has become a fact that even the traffic officers standing on the road do not accept the responsibility of a single woman and there have been many incidents where the officers standing nearby do not play their positive role in safeguarding the honor of Eve’s daughter.

In these situations, if you are a woman, a girl, or the mother of an innocent girl, then adopt these methods yourself and tell others so that you can succeed in avoiding black sheep:

Useful methods::
* You should buy an electric shock teaser so that as soon as a suspicious person starts approaching, you can take out the teaser and save your life by giving it a shock.

* Buy and keep pepper spray and poison spray so that they can be sprayed immediately and run away.

* Make videos from mobile and update on social media so that people can be aware.

* Start putting knives in the bag as this is not the time to trust anyone.

* Put red chilli powder in a piece of paper and place it in the zipper of the bag where it can be easily touched and immediately take out the paper and put it on the person approaching.


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